MacRostie Winery and Vineyards


I visited MacRostie Winery and Vineyards for my 100 Wineries In 100 Days Challenge in the summer of 2018.

This winery made such an imprint on me that I categorized them as:


Quite an honor!

I only bestow this ‘award’ on very select wineries out of the 100 visited.

These wineries have to blow me away in:

Views, ambiance, welcoming staff, wine, experience and fun! 

Hands down MacRostie Winery has it all!

In Part 2 of this blogpost, I detail my first time experiencing MacRostie Winery.

Right now, let’s discuss my most recent visit.


August 2019 I was invited by Emily Martin Events to attend a blogger tasting at MacRostie Winery.

HELLO?!?!? I JUMPED at the opportunity!

I canceled previous plans (eeeeekkkk!!!) in exchange for an afternoon at what I consider:

Russian River Valley’s Pinot Paradise! 

Image By Elise Aileen Photo

Image By Elise Aileen Photo

My favorite moments of this particular tasting were:

  • A story about Steve MacRostie, founder of MacRostie Winery. Steve is known to come into the winery and randomly sit with guests. At first, guests look at him bewildered and think….excuse me, who are you? Then their jaws drop when he discloses that he is the founder of the winery. Steve loves chatting with guests, answering their questions, and delighting in their experience of MacRostie wine.

  • As a Pinot lover I enjoyed learning that Heidi, MacRostie’s winemaker, finds great artistic joy in exploring Pinot from many different regions of CA: Carneros, Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley, and Anderson Valley. In fact, MacRostie makes 19 different Pinots! MacRostie is a terroir based winery. Heidi’s goal is for each pinot to reflect the unique terroir from which it originated.

Image By Elise Aileen Photo

Image By Elise Aileen Photo

  • I really appreciate the fact that MacRostie rotates their wine flights. Hurray! I personally love visiting this winery and would love to bring more of my friends. I like knowing that each time I visit there might be a new flight to savor.

  • In October 2019, MacRostie will release BUBBLES!!!!! This is very exciting news. I had no idea MacRostie’s sister winery is Argyle in Oregon. One of my favorites. Argyle is known for their bubbles. I look forward to trying MacRostie bubbles, and if they end up being anything like Argyle’s award winning bubbles, we are in for a treat!

  • Steve MacRostie’s wife Thale is an integral part of the winery. I love a winery that spotlights incredibly talented and passionate women. MacRostie is all about WOMEN POWER! Thale makes stunning floral arrangements for MacRostie wine events. The vineyard that we overlooked during our blogger tasting is named after Thale, a 13 acre Pinot Noir Vineyard. Thale vineyard grapes were 3-4 weeks from harvest ready!

  • CUPCAKES!!! MacRostie is all about making every tasting experience special. From birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions…don’t be surprised if a plate of cupcakes comes out to surprise you. The cupcakes pair perfectly with the wine.

  • DOG FRIENDLY! I am a dog lover! MacRostie welcomes furry friends with open paws. A few of the staff bring their dogs to work. Guests can sit out on the patio with their dog companion. Happy dogs paired with exceptional wine.

PART 2 Summer 2018

Now, let’s explore my experience when I visited Macrostie for my 100 Wineries In 100 Days Challenge!

I’m that dreaded wine taster.

Rolling in 45 min before closing....right when MacRostie was setting up for a private rehearsal dinner🤦‍♀️

I also did not have an appointment.

Not my most shining wine tasting moment.

I was rushing to squeeze in the last top wineries for my 100 wineries in 100 days challenge…. I was a bit frantic.

I’m so grateful MacRostie @macrostiewinery squeezed me in at their impressive bar 🙏

Chardonnay Wine Tasting

I’ve been hearing chatter that this is the ‘IT’ winery place to be.

I’ve been longing to scope it out.

Here’s some Key Info about MacRostie:

Don’t be like me! Reservations are HIGHLY recommended.

Located just minutes from downtown Healdsburg on Westside Rd.

A majestic winery, on a picturesque hillside, in the heart of Russian River Valley.

Wine Tasting happens in the elegant MacRostie Estate House.

MacRostie Vision and Philosophy

An array of areas to sit and enjoy the wine and the view.

Three well appointed patios and a luxurious, large tasting room for guests.

Key to the experience are the walls of glass, which offer endless views.

High quality Chardonnay and Pinot.

Grapes are sourced from 30 Chardonnay vineyards and 15 Pinot Noir sites.

Vineyard locations include Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley.

MacRostie Pinot Noir Tasting

Apparently their winemaker, Heidi Bridenhagen, is the youngest woman winemaker in California history!

MacRostie Winery was honored as the “Best Overall Winery” and the “Best Tasting Room in Sonoma or Napa” at the 2017 Best of Wine Country Awards by San Fran Magazine.

Welcome Glass Of Wine At MacRostie

Seriously incredible 360 degree view of Russian River Valley.

Before you even walk into the winery, a glass of welcome Sauv Blanc is placed in your hand.
The people here are happy to accommodate you, tell a story, and smile.

I fell head over heels for this tasting room.

I know I’ll be visiting frequently and taking guests here all the time!!!

A new TOP favorite Sonoma County wine tasting spot.

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