Belden Barns Winery

What makes me LOVE Belden Barns AND WHY did I join their wine club?

The Genuine People

Lauren and Nate Belden Barns

Nate and Lauren with their two adorable kiddos in tow.

Lauren is a captivating storyteller with New York spunk.

An incredible aptitude for branding and building a community of loyal Belden customers.

She gives me Minnie Driver from Goodwill Hunting vibes.

Belden Barns Sonoma Mountain

Nate is the Chief Proprietor.

In 2004 he spotted the property on Sonoma Mountain Road.

It was his farming dreams that made Belden Barns a reality.

Sonoma Wine Life At Belden Barns

Instantly these two make everyone feel like family. They bounce stories off of each other like a seasoned comedic duo.

Every single one of their wines lassoed my tastebuds right to pleasure town.

Barn Wine Tasting At Belden Barns

Rosé, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot, AND an estate Grüner Veltliner!

A white wine that flipped my wig. The first Grüner to be planted in Sonoma!!!

I predict that….

Kid and Dog Friendly Belden Barns

Belden is going to push the possibilities of Sonoma County wine and farming.

Down the road I see sipping wine, picking veggies from the garden, heading into the tasting room kitchen to cook said veggies, and sitting out soaking in the views. A day of wine, fresh farm goods, and serenity.


Wine Tasting At Belden Barns

I wrote my wish on a tag. We walked through the vineyards and to the wishing tree. Each wish hung with care. I believe Lauren and Nate.

Belden wishes are coming true. I witnessed first hand the magic in the air.

Wishing Tree Belden Barns Wine Label

I’m giddy. Being in their wine club feels like I’m on the farm journey with them!!! The wines are EXCEPTIONAL. I took 6 home. I love the wishing tree sketched on the label. I’m already getting compliments on my Belden Barns Cap.

I’m so in. All in. This winery has stolen my heart.

More Interesting Facts:

Wishes For Belden Barns Wishing Tree

Belden Barns is at 1000 feet on Sonoma Mountain in Bennett Valley, part of Santa Rosa.

“Storybook setting” is the accurate description on their website.

History greets you at the end of the drive into the property.

Wishing At Belden barns Winery Sonoma County

A white farm building dating back to the 1880’s sets the magic mood.

Tasting happens by Appointment Only in this rustic barn until the new tasting room is ready.

The choice 20 acre Steiner Vineyard property was acquired in 2005

Make A Wish At Belden Barns

Nate Belden, originally from Colorado,  worked a corporate job in San Francisco,

Farming was always in his veins, and he fantasized….

That one day he’d own Steiner Vineyard on Sonoma Mountain Road.

Sonoma Wine Life And Wine Not Wine Country

One day happened by luck, and Nate realized his dream and began planting grapes.  

Family and dog friendly.

The Belden children and friendly wine dog join in the fun.

Belden Barns Vineyards

Future plans include artisanal cheese production, a gift shop and visitor center.  

Eventually there will be sheep and cows on the property.

Currently a variety of crops are farmed on the property which are sold to local restaurants.

Epic View At Belden Barns

Bring a picnic and enjoy the vineyard views just steps from the barn.  

Ask about the special golden cork!


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