Bowman Cellars


  • The tiny town of Graton has another wine lover’s gem!
  • Alex and Katie Bowman are the new millennials on the Graton block. 
  • Look for the shiny, silver, AirStream that sits off to one side of the courtyard.
  • A big tasting room space with seating inside or outside. 
  • Out front there is a large courtyard with an area to play darts.
Bowman Cellars Graton
  • Walk up the steps to the tasting room and onto a large deck/porch with more lounge seating. 
  • In the tasting room, Katie’s decorating style captures an Anthropology/farmhouse flair.
  • Seriously  though, move over Joanna Gaines of HGTV's popular show Fixer Upper, Katie Bowman has some SERIOUS decorating talent.
  • Clearly, these exuberant Millennials put a unique twist to the wine tasting experience.
Sonoma County AVAs


  • $10 tasting fee, waived with purchase.
  • Wine prices range from $28-$42.
  • Great wines at a an affordable price point.
Bowman Cellars Graton Outdoor

Appointment Needed? 

  • Open Thursday and Friday 12:00-5:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 11:00-6:00pm
  • Monday-Wednesday appointment needed.
Bowman Cellars In Downtown Graton

Wine Pick

  • I picked a Russian River Valley 2016 Chardonnay.
  • 100% barrel-fermented in French and American oak with a rich, creamy texture.
  • A flagship wine for Bowman.
  • Bowman offers variety:
  • Blanc de Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and next month Rosé.
Bowman 2016 Chardonnay

Dog Approved

  • Yes
  • Alex Bowman, winemaker and proprietor, graciously delivered a bowl of water for my pup Lexi. 
  • She lounged in the sunshine while I tasted. 
Bowman Cellars Dog Approved Sonoma Wine Dog

Social Media Worthy

  • No matter where you take a pic at Bowman...
  • Your picture will be on trend and social media goals. 
Airstream At Bowman Cellars

Feel Good Vibes

  • To compliment your tasting, Bowman Cellars offers a menu of small plate noshes.
  • My friend and I shared the Truffle Cheddar Grilled Cheese.
  • We are foodies and could not rave enough about this beautifully presented and deliciously tasting sandwich.
  • As we hung out at Bowman we realized just how many mutual friends we have in common.
  • Katie Bowman's sister is a friend of mine. 
  • Our friend Andrea helps Bowman with marketing and design. 
  • We also both know Jackie of Jaclynn Rene Wines. 
  • The list of common connections went on and on.
Food At Bowman Cellars
  • Katie and Alex Bowman grew up in Sonoma County.
  • Family close by stepped in to help get the Bowman Cellars brand on the map.
  • An aunt, brother-in-law, and sister have been valued mentors along the way.  
  • Katie worked for her dad who owns Andy’s Produce Market in Sebastopol.
  • Alex worked for his dad who owns Bowman Electronics.
  • The entrepreneurial instincts are strong and deep, 5 generations deep!
Bowman Cellars Wine GRaton
  • Both Katie and Alex beam as they showcase their tasting room. 
  • Both of their personalities are upbeat and personable.
  • You can't help smiling when in their presence.
  • Wine tastes so much better with a smile on your face. 
Hanging At Bowman Cellars Tasting Room In Graton

Wine Nerd Facts

  • Alex Bowman, as a teenager, caught the wine making bug.
  • He started making wine in the garage with Sauv Blanc grapes from the family property.
  • His wine competed at the local harvest fairs and won gold at the amateur level.
  • 2013 was the bust out year; a Best of Class in the white wine division sealed the deal.
  • Katie had the drive, ambition, and encouragement Alex needed to start a wine business.
  • These two are a powerhouse couple. 
Tasting Room Bowman Cellars
  • In 2015 the first Bowman Cellars label was a reality
  • In 2017 the Bowman Cellars tasting room in Graton launched.
  • Wine Spectator recommended their Cabernet as having a:
  • “very agreeable style...not overly tannic, but with a nice touch of oak.”  
  • Sales jumped and legitimized that wine.
  • Currently they produce 650 cases in all and that number is going to ramp up.
  • This is one of those wineries you want in on NOW.
  • You want to be "in the know" while they are just getting started.
  • This is one of those wineries, as a wine nerd, you can say...."I knew them when!"
Truffle Grilled Cheese Bowman Cellars

Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • Activities are a mainstay of this dynamite Bowman duo.  
  • Music events are scheduled featuring local musicians.
  • Food events with guest chefs will work their magic in the winery kitchen.
  • Even Yoga sessions take place on the Bowman tasting room deck. 
  • And why not get your wine served out of the shiney, silver “Winestream”?  SO COOL! 
Katie and Alex Bowman
  • I follow Bowman on all social media to stay in the loop. 
  • While we were tasting, Katie mentioned a taco event coming up serving al Pastor!!!!  
  • Yes please!
  • Basically, this is the type of winery I want to hang out at all the time.
Airstream At Bowman Cellars In Graton

 Sheila's Tasting Notes

  • You can always tell when I'm happy and excited.
  • I can't stay still.
  • I'll roam around and scope everything out.
  • You'll hear constant 'oooooooooooooos' and 'ahhhhhhhhhs' coming out of me. 
  • When I'm really in my element I'll say over and over:
  • "I just LOVE this place."
  • I'll start talking about wanting to come back now before I've even left.
  • That was me at Bowman.
  • Total LOVE.
  • I'm going to a lot of wineries for 100 Wineries In 100 Days.
  • I worry that many of the tasting rooms might start blending together.
  • Bowman Cellars is set apart.
  • Young.
  • Modern
  • Trending.
  • Vibrant.
  • Fresh.
  • A new breed of wine tasting experience.


Bowman Cellars Katie and Alex
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