A. Rafanelli Winery
Rafanelli Winery Healdsburg
  • Small, family owned winery on Dry Creek Rd.

  • A picturesque drive west from Healdsburg.

Rafanelli Winery Views
  • Reservations required.

  • Open Daily 10:00- 4:00 pm

  • Make your appointment by phone.

Rafanelli Winery By Appointment Only
  • You know you’re in a special place the moment you ascend the long, steep one lane driveway.

  • Majestic Redwoods line the driveway and terraced vineyards greet you.

  • The beauty of the property rivals Tuscany.

Rafanelli Winery Winery Sonoma COunty
  • The winery yellow lab will welcome you. Dog friendly.

  • Walk the trail to the pond where there’s a postcard perfect picnic area.

A. Rafanelli Winery Barrel Room
  • A rustic, barn like winery with an authentic Italian flair is your destination.

  • It’s an intimate, dimly lit, wood paneled barrel room where you stand and taste.

Sonoma Wine Life At Rafanelli Winery
  • The decor, a testament to the Rafanelli family includes family memorabilia and wine awards.

  • Even on a hot day the barrel room stays comfortably cool.

An Old Italian Toast
  • Tastings are dependant on what wines are available at the time.

  • Tastings are limited to parties of six or less.

  • A tour includes exploring the wine cave and a wood paneled cellar.

Rafanelli Winery Pond
  • Their olive oil is also available for purchase.

  • Since 2006, they’ve planted 1,600 olive trees on the property.

  • Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot (when supplies last)

Rafanelli Winery Healdsburg Zinfandel Vineyard
  • Wines are not available commercially, only at the winery and some restaurants.

  • If you want Rafanelli Cabernet Sauvignon, best chance is May when they release.

Rafanelli Wine Bottles Limited Availability
  • Also, they use an allocation mailing list for their cult following.

  • You’re limited on what you can buy because they want to give others a chance.

  • Price range: $50- $150

Rafanelli Winery By Appointment Only
  • Leticina, the bold, independent, strong willed ancestor is where the story starts.

  • In her day, women in Italy were never the heir to an Italian family vineyard.

  • She gathered up some cousins to escort her to New York.

  • Next, she headed west with two trusty pistols.

History Of Rafanelli Winery
  • As luck would have it, she met and married handsome Alberto Rafanelli, in San Francisco.

  • Since the early 1900’s the Rafanelli’s have been growing grapes. In the late 70’s, Americo, Alberto’s son, founded the winery and moved from Healdsburg to Dry Creek Valley.

Pizza At Rafanelli Winery
  •  David, Americo’s son, and wife, Patty own the winery.

  • They passed the baton to their daughters.

Rafanelli Winery Dry Creek Valley
  • 4th generation Rafanelli women who are proudly stepping up in the Leticina tradition.

  • Shelly is the winemaker and in charge of production,

  • Stacy is hospitality coordinator and in charge of daily operations.

Wine Tasting At Rafanelli Winery
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